I AM Finn Bohn: 
Brand Strategist &
Value Designer.

For nearly 10 years I worked in a corporate environment. Operating in a management position at a large corporation, gave me a solid understanding of the way consumer-facing brands work. In addition, I’ve always had a feeling for the creative process and a clear idea of what I want to achieve creatively. This creative direction is informed by the relationship between cultural relevance and business value in a value proposal. With a focus on ideas that are relevant yet attainable, my work is positioned between the creative, conceptual design phase and the more robust strategy phase. In general, my work hits the sweet spot between what makes business sense and what is creatively interesting.

I offer applicable consultancy with a vision.

As an independent, free agent, I am able to look at business problems with an outsider’s perspective; a fresh pair of eyes with expertise, not bound by corporate structures but someone who understands what 'state-of-the-art' communication entails. My service is to consult clients on how to approach their problems, give inspirational direction, and take care of the realisation. Clients can present me with a marketing problem they do not have the expertise or capacity for. I provide them with a tangible solution.